What we do

The foundation of our success is our value proposition.



Generate revenue from new advertisers without cannibalising existing revenue streams

Revitalise internal sales teams

Offer a risk free, pay for performance proposition

Refine processes enhancing effectiveness and maintaining client satisfaction




Understand objectives and positioning

Database build


Sales process training

= New business revenue and relationships


Working closely with clients we gain an understanding of their objectives and positioning. We then collaborate with the client’s sales team to create a target list of potential new advertisers.  Following the production of the new database, we trains our client’s sales team in the NRS Media methodology and guides the sales process through various stages from the initial prospect contact, through the seminar process, to a successful conclusion.

The programs follow a market-proven formula, embody a detailed methodology, and are executed through a disciplined implementation process. At the end of the process, if we both work to the best of our abilities, we will have created a large foundation of new forward revenue and fresh relationships with local advertisers.