About us

Our history

NRS Media was founded in 1992 in New Zealand. Back then the concepts used by NRS Media (many still used today) were used to drive advertising sales for a local Radio station but the concepts proved so popular that before long NRS Media had demand from various media partners all over the world. Indeed, back then, the NRS Media presentation explaining the concepts of advertising being akin to a Hot Air Balloon (i.e. you need a lot of effort to get it off the ground but then only bursts to maintain altitude) proved very popular.

Today, many of those principles still hold true and they are the foundation of what makes NRS Media the global leader in providing professional sales programs for television, radio, and print media companies worldwide. Operating from offices in Atlanta, London, Toronto, Johannesburg and Sydney, we deploy a global network of over 140 professionals in more than 20 countries, and our programs create annual advertising revenues in excess of $250 million for our 350 media clients. NRS clients include regional radio and television operators, large diversified newspaper publishers, international satellite television providers and conglomerate media companies operating and advertising through every medium.

NRS Media designs and implements proprietary revenue growth programs to generate new and incremental advertising revenue for media companies. We train and manage our media client’s internal sales team to sell a range of exclusive advertising packages through the unique NRS Media process, a process proven to be effective in media markets worldwide. In addition, we provide media sales consultancy services and interactive, online media sales training programs. NRS Media account directors and media sales training experts typically serve in a consulting capacity with our clients worldwide. Alternatively, media partners also have the option to outsource certain parts of their sales process to NRS Media.

With over 350 media industry partners globally and 22 years of experience in working with the media industry we understand the challenges that exist in regional, national and global markets.

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