Laptop donations will make a lifetime of difference



School children in some of the poorest parts of the world will soon have access to high quality IT equipment, thanks to NRS Media’s latest partnership.

NRS Media are working with NCI Technologies – their current supplier of Global ICT services and support – to provide refurbished laptops to schools in communities that have been devastated by natural disasters, including in the Philippines and Nepal.

The charitable project is being led by Andy Trish, Managing Director of NCI Technologies, and is supported by John Antunes, Chief Global Operating Officer for NRS Media.

Andy has been personally involved in donating and installing IT equipment to schools in some of the world’s poorest communities for over a year, working with a disaster relief charity called Byond – who offer shelter, support, resources and more to communities that have been devastated and displaced.

Andy was inspired to get involved when he discovered that schools in the Philippines and other disaster-hit areas were desperate for education resources, especially IT equipment, so that children would be encouraged to come to school – and improve their life chances.

NCI Technologies had equipment that was no longer ideal for UK business clients but which was still in great condition and perfect for learning; he was more than happy to provide the machines and the staff who could securely wipe them, re-load them and ship them to any school that needed them, free of charge.

Andy said: “When I went to visit some schools in the Philippines, I was shocked to say the least.  I had head teachers begging me for computers when the school didn’t even have electricity; I quickly learned that if a school has computers it entices quality teachers and encourages children to attend as they know it’s a passport to a better life.

“The pupils really need these resources to learn basic ICT skills such as typing on a keyboard and controlling a mouse – skills that we probably take for granted. For the children in the Philippines, learning even basic ICT skills is vital for their life chances. Being able to use a computer can empower them to secure jobs, further education and a much brighter future.

“So far we have helped five schools in areas that wouldn’t have otherwise even had a computer. Now, thanks to this scheme, some of those schools have complete IT suites and we’ve even been able to install Internet access in some areas.”

Andy’s project has helped schools in a number of areas within the Philippines, including Ormoc, Tacloban and Hernani. The scheme has also helped pupils in Haiti, and will support communities in Nepal once temporary schools have been built.

As well as donating his own firm’s machines, Andy has rallied amazing support from the UK’s business community – including from NRS Media – who’ve really stepped up to the plate to donate tquality equipment.

John Antunes, Global Chief Operating Officer for NRS Media, said: “Andy Trish is an inspiration and the work that NCI Technologies have done overseas so far is outstanding. We are delighted to be able to support this amazing and worthwhile project, by donating all working laptops that are no longer suitable for NRS Media.

“One simple laptop can create a wealth of opportunities for a child and family in the Philippines, and it’s wonderful to know that NRS Media are going to be able to help transform lives.”

Andy added: “Laptops are such an important resource for schools as they’re used by the staff to teach.  I am so grateful to NRS for the part they’re going to play. Their donations will make an immeasurable difference to the future life-chances of so many children.”

NCI Technologies are an IT services and support company, based in Cornwall. For more information visit

If you would like to donate IT equipment or find out more, email: [email protected] or call on: 00 44 1326 379 497.