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Seven top tips for a sales presentation

Your prospecting has worked and you’ve set an appointment to meet them in person. You now need to think about delivering a world class sales presentation. Here are 7 top tips to making a successful sales presentation.

  1. Objective setting

    Give your presentation a clear objective so your listeners know what’s coming. As you build your presentation keep referring back to the objective and ask yourself does your content still fit the objective.

  2. KISS

    Keep it simple and structured. Make it easy for your customer to follow what you are saying and structured for you so that you don’t waffle.

  3. Present solutions to the business challenges

    Remember you aren’t just selling your product; you are presenting a solution to the challenges of the business. Show your prospect that you really understand their challenges throughout your presentation.

  4. Keep it crisp

    Be passionate and knowledgeable about your product but don’t waffle on or your audience will switch off. Keep your presentation as crisp as possible and present only the absolute necessities.

  5. Utilise customer case studies

    Showcase work that you have delivered for similar customers, their challenge, your solution and the results.

  6. Ask for feedback

    Ask your prospect for feedback to give you the opportunity to answer any questions or change your approach to increase your chances of closing the sale.

  7. Practice makes perfect

    Confidence is key and you’ll only become confident delivering the presentation if you’ve practised.