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Seven top tips for sales prospecting

For your business to grow and flourish you need to be successful at prospecting. Prospecting is an essential selling skill and critical if you want to increase your sales and achieve long-term success. Here are our Top 7 Tips for sales prospecting.

  1. Qualify every single prospect

    This way you’ll only approach those prospects that you know fit with your product or service – it will save you time in the long run and focus your efforts on finding valuable long term partners

  2. Build relationships

    Building rapport with prospects increases your chances of a sale significantly, and sets you up for the long-term

  3. Think past this month’s budget

    Are you looking at the total potential for the relationship with this client or just scrambling month to month?

  4. Make sure you get their details 100% correct

    Don’t make them think twice – nothing annoys people more when you’re asking them for a commitment than getting their details wrong

  5. Broaden your search

    Have you really exhausted all search opportunities and left no stone unturned? What search tools have you used?

  6. Do your research

    Find out what their business does, who makes the decisions, what their advertising budget is, why they should buy or use your services – arm yourself with as much information as possible

  7. Take a long hard look at yourself!

    Where have your lapsed clients gone? Are you keeping them warm or are they buying elsewhere?