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Seven top tips for assessing your customers’ needs

  1. Know your customer before you meet them

    Spend time researching your customer before you speak to them so that you have some background knowledge. Check out their website, find out who their customers are, and read their press releases.

  2. Prioritise their needs

    Once you have captured all of their needs take some time to prioritise them based on time, budget and business goals. You can complete this task with your customer so that you are both on the same page.

  3. Ask open ended questions and lots of them

    Gather as much information as you can. Open ended questions tend to move the conversation on and open up new directions.

  4. It’s okay to take notes or record the conversation

    Unless the conversation is sensitive or personal it’s ok to take notes or record the conversation, it makes you look professional and organised. Be courteous and ask the customer if they mind first before whipping out your notebook or Dictaphone.

  5. Speak your customer’s language

    Don’t bamboozle them with technical jargon, speak a language that they are familiar with and keep it simple.

  6. Know the market that the customer operates in

    Don’t just spend time researching the customer, spend time researching the industry and market that they operate in. Who are their competitors, are there any industry regulations that affect them.

  7. Remember that you are selling throughout this process

    First impressions count. You need to be the best possible advocate of your brand, product or service throughout the sales process not just when you moving to close the sale.