Media trends for 2017

As we head out of 2016, the media landscape in 2017 looks good overall. Global advertising spend will grow 4.2%. Developing markets [1] will see the fastest growth in entertainment and media, and TV revenue and internet streaming systems are booming in the US [2]. Proof that traditional formats are not made obsolete by their digital counterparts.

It is advertising revenue that drives much of this growth as the industry benefits from the new opportunities for tracking and measurement in an increasingly digital and connected world.


Main trends for traditional media

While this is great news for the industry at large, the challenge is that many clients are increasingly interested in digital media.

As a result, much of this increase in spend is going to digital campaigns, rather than traditional media – but this does not mean that traditional media is being replaced.

Things are changing, but the pace of change may be a surprise. According to PWC [3], digital revenues could take up to three more years to overtake non-digital spending in key formats such as OOH. Traditional OOH is predicted to retain 60% of spend in 2017.

What’s also clear is that traditional media is a valuable addition to multi-channel campaigns. For example, an OOH campaign makes people 17% more likely [4] to engage with a brand on their mobile.

Certainly the shifting landscape presents challenges, but you can adapt your client’s campaigns to demonstrate that the appeal of digital is equally present in traditional media.


Traditional does digital

The appeal of digital media lies in part in its perceived speed, relevance and reach.

It’s important to show your clients that traditional media can deliver all of that and more. Here are some examples to get you going:


Getting a digital campaign out into the world can be a speedier process than the same campaign in traditional formats like print – there’s no print time, for example.

However, by building some flexibility into traditional campaigns your clients can make the same impact in print that they could expect from a fast-turnaround digital campaign.

This approach allowed Paddy Power to respond within hours to an incident involving Newcastle Utd’s manager – getting a relevant, cheeky ad in the papers the very next day [5].

This year could definitely see more rapid response within traditional advertising.


There is an expectation that interactive campaigns are always digital – but that doesn’t have to be the case. This recent ad from Ford [6] uses traditional print in a new and innovative way to bring the brand to life and generate talkability. This year is likely to see more innovation in traditional media to allow it to generate the same interaction as its digital counterparts.


This is where traditional formats such can really shine. OOH reaches 98% [7] of the UK population each week, and remains the perfect vehicle for big, bold messaging – the perfect lead for an omni-channel campaign.

Primesight predicts that 2017 will see renewed investment into OOH, and not just because of the new opportunities presented by digital.


Consumers are increasingly living in a saturated ad environment, and IAB UK’s research shows that 1 in 5 UK adults have taken to blocking ads from their browsers and mobiles all together [8].

While this ad aversion can alarm clients, it doesn’t extend throughout the industry. Research by Exterion Media [9] showed that 4 in 5 people who said that they didn’t like social media ads or TV ads said they did like ads on the London Underground. And that trend doesn’t just apply to OOH – traditional media is inherently more trusted than digital channels [10].

Traditional media offers a unique opportunity to reach people for whom the intrusive nature of digital and social media ads has become overwhelming.

2017 will be a year of adapting to a changing media landscape, but there are great opportunities to demonstrate to clients the enduring appeal and flexibility of traditional media formats.














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