How to help your clients get the most from their advertising

Small businesses are often new to advertising and don’t really know where to start. They’ll be looking for expert advice about what works well, so they can realise the benefit of their investment. That also means that they’ll be more likely to continue running ads, which is good news for you too.

For press adverts

Despite reports about the death of print, this remains a key area. Here is some of the best research about how to make it as effective as possible:

• Show that your publication fits their business and their ad: this has a huge impact on the effectiveness of an ad.  Newsworks research showed that when people saw adverts that matched the values of the publication it appeared in, they saw it as 10% more trustworthy, 18% more fun, 10% more intelligent and 19% more relevant
• Help your clients keep the ad relevant to their audience: ads that are relevant created 5.2% higher buzz.
• Have a strong headline: asDavid Ogilvy once pointed out, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy
• Use a strong visual: 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text, so it pays to make sure your clients have great visuals to go with their copy
• Native advertising works well: research shows that they are viewed for the more amount of time as editorial content and people like to share them too – 32% of people said they would share native ads.
• Make sure people can contact your clients easily: 70% of people who read press ads said they would like to find out more, according to Newsworks.

For TV ads

Here are the facts and figures that can help your clients’ TV adverts memorable, shareable and attention-grabbing:

• Tell a story: ads which use this technique are more popular and memorable,
• Use humour: 69% of most memorable ads are funny.
• Taglines and jingles are effective: the right tagline increases enjoyment and brand recall and 89% of consumers say jungles are effective.
• Don’t be afraid to stand out: unconventional ads have the highest impact on awareness  and are seen as more credible and valuable.
• Show the product in use: this generates more attention for your ad.
• Say the name – early: a higher number of mentions earlier in the ad leads to better connection between the ad and the brand

For Radio ads

There’s equally good research for radio adverts:

• Start strong: putting the impact at the beginning is more effective
• Make it stand out: advertising which is distinctive has a higher sales lift
• Use right language: sensory, emotional or empowering language is most effective
• Create a theme: if your client is running more than one advert, then keep them related. Research shows that ads with a theme are more effective and those with strong audio branding stand out more.
• Say the name: as with TV advertising, a higher number of mentions of leads to better recall
• Have a clear call to action: A simple claim or offer which is easy to understand helps ad performance.

For Out of Home Ads

Adverts on billboards, street furniture and public transport can all be more effective if you help your clients follow these steps when creating their ad:

• Simple is better: messages that express familiar ideas and simple concepts are more effective
• Focus on the images: research shows that they are more important than the words. Help your clients to choose the right colours, as these can improve recall and stopping power
• Keep to 7 words or fewer: these ads only have 6-8 seconds to capture the audience’s attention and get the message across.
• Dark text on a pale background is better: reversed out text can lower the readership of your advert by up to 80%
• Size matters: make sure you’re booking the right slots for your clients. Smaller posters need to be closer to your audience to have the same effect.
• Maximise the impact with multi-channel: out of home gives an uplift to other forms of advertising. Research shows that OOH increased the effectiveness of TV ads by 18%, radio ads by 45% and online by 68%. Great news if you’re trying to sell a multi-channel approach to your clients

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