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Seven top tips for following up by phone

In some ways following up to your meeting or sales presentation can be more challenging that prospecting. Here are our Top 7 tips for following up by phone.

  1. Agree a date and time

    Establish a convenient time with your prospect that would work for following up on your presentation. This will save endless missed calls and voicemails.

  2. Know what you are going to cover

    Build an agenda for the call so you are clear on the topics that you want to cover.

  3. Send a reminder

    The day before your call send your prospect a reminder with a copy of your agenda. Leave an ‘any other business’ space on the agenda to give you time to answer any questions.

  4. Be prompt

    Your prospect will be waiting for your call and may have a busy diary. Make sure you call on time so that you don’t miss your slot and they aren’t rushing off to another meeting.

  5. Introduce yourself

    Never assume that your prospect remembers who you are, or that they are sitting waiting for your call. They may well be but assume nothing. Always introduce yourself with your name and the company you are calling from and a quick introduction as to why you are calling.

  6. Be personal and professional

    Make sure you don’t just sound like any other sales person calling to close a deal. Take the time to talk to your prospect like another human being and try and establish a connection.

  7. Ask what’s next

    Before you finish your call make sure you are both clear on what the next steps are and who the actions sit with. You may also want to articulate the actions in an email with a date and time of your next conversation to keep the process flowing.