Christmas and Black Friday countdown: how to make your clients’ ads stand out

Christmas and Black Friday are two of the biggest events each year that shoppers look forward to, expecting to score the best deals. For retailers, the competition is intense. Each brand is trying top each other in a sea of offers and promotions.

We’ve put together a guide of strategies you can use to help your clients stand out from the crowd.


1. Listen to your customers

Get your clients to ask themselves: what did they do last year that worked? What did their competitors do? What are their most popular products? Do their customers shop in store or online? Can they segment their audience to target them better?

The answers to these questions will give your clients a good start when they plan their promotion and strategy.

Tip: did you know that the top item categories shoppers want to see deals for are Electronics (more than 40%), Apparel (26%) and Toys (17%)?[1]


2. Think about doing a flash sale

Whether it’s for one day or a couple of hours, flash sales create urgency. Encourage your clients to promote them across their social media channels too for an even bigger bang.

This is especially true around Black Friday. The best approach is for your clients to focus on just one sale day – don’t do both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, pick one – to keep the message clear and strong.


3. Start talking early to beat the Christmas rush

81% of consumers do online research before buying and 30% of shoppers finish their Christmas shopping before December even starts.[2]

Shoppers are savvy and they prepare for the sale season way ahead of time. Your clients will have to catch them early in the game and give them all the information they need before they even start shopping.

Tip: get clients to give their consumers offers that they can redeem early.


4. Push urgency with words and images

One of the key ways to get people to act is to make them understand that they’ll be missing out if they don’t. The words and images your clients use should drive a sense of urgency to encourage sales.

Here are a few words to consider:

  • • Today only
  • • Ends tomorrow
  • • Last chance
  • • Special offer


But it’s also really important to…


5. Stick to your brand identity to make customers feel at home

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re promoting a sale and forget all about brand identity.

So remember to stop and get your clients to ask themselves: would they usually say this? Do these words and images sit comfortably with the rest of the marketing they’re doing?

Stick to the pre-set brand tone of voice, colour palette, style, etc. to take advantage of the current customers’ loyalty.


6. Get clients to create buying guides

Not only do buying guides genuinely help customers choose the right products, direct them to products they wouldn’t otherwise know about, and give them creative ideas for gifts, they’re also a really nifty way to promote specific products that your clients want to push.

This could be a graphic on the website, a helpful video or a sharable post on social media.


7. Every little helps

Ensure clients offer something for their customers that’ll make their lives a little easier. This could include:

  • • Alternative financing and flexible ways to pay
  • • Price match guarantee
  • • Free or low-cost shipping
  • • Guaranteed delivery date
  • • Exclusive deals for newsletter subscribers


These things can be particularly good at expensive times, like the run-up to Christmas. The more helpful your clients are to their customers, the more loyal their customers will become.


8. Be memorable

Whatever your clients decide to say, encourage them to make it memorable.

Whether it’s a witty headline, a creative design, a beautiful illustration or a really catchy song, go for it and make sure your clients don’t do exactly what everyone else is doing!






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