Add value to your client’s advertising spend by linking their campaign to social media

We all know that advertising isn’t just about the advert.

For advertising that delivers, your client needs to use the right channels too.

It’s a fact that multi channel campaigns can deliver around 300% more sales than single channel marketing, but some clients simply don’t have the budget for an all-out multi channel campaign.

We also know that single channel advertising CAN and DOES work, but it means that one channel has a whole lot of work to do, and a whole lot of client expectation resting on it.

So what can you do if you’ve got a small budget client with big budget expectations?

Is it really possible to achieve multi channel impact with single channel spend?

Yes it is – if you add social media into the mix.

And all your client needs to invest is their time.

Every savvy business uses social media – it’s a low cost tool, it’s flexible and versatile and it has the potential for global reach.

It’s a place to have conversations about the latest campaign or product, gather feedback, cross sell and understand customers even more.

If your client isn’t on social media, they’re lagging behind.

They’re missing out on the potential to connect with a global audience. For free.

By helping your clients to use social media alongside their advertising to really boost their profile, you’re offering pure added value to their campaign.

Here are our top five tips to share with your clients when it comes to making the most of social media.

1. Keep your account regularly updated

The way your client communicates through social media will have a real impact on how customers see their brand – and how likely they are to buy.

Social media followers will expect regular updates and prompt responses.

If your client’s last social media post was six months ago, or they only check their account every few weeks, they’re going to really disengage customers.

They need to keep content regular and relevant – ideally post every day.

They need to check the account regularly and respond straight away – even if it’s just an acknowledgement.

They also need to create a good mix of content, too. Don’t let them just focus on company news or responding to customer enquiries. Ask them to think about what their followers might be interested in, instead.

They could share useful snippets of information, comment on something topical or add links to relevant articles to keep people engaged and coming back for more.

2. Link social media posts to the visuals and messages in ads

If your client is using TV advertising, why not suggest they tap into the ‘second screen effect’ to deliver a double whammy to those customers using a tablet or smartphone while watching TV.

They can do this really easily by using social media scheduling tools like Tweedeck or Hootsuite so posts coincide with their advertising schedule and viewers see their TV ad and your social media content at pretty much the same time.

Big. Impact. Right there.

It’s all about reinforcement and consistency, so posts that mirror the information from their advert will have the most impact. They could even re-use elements of the ad artwork or photographs from their campaign.

3. Offer exclusive content

Social media is an ideal way for your client to take their advertising one step further and really extend their campaign.

There are endless possibilities for this, like sharing exclusive behind the scenes footage from a TV advert or revealing new facts and figures.

They could post extra information about their product, offer advice or demonstrations or highlight customer reviews – posts with visuals or links have higher levels of engagement and are more likely to be shared.

Social media is also a great way for them to flexibly promote deals linked to their campaign or offer online excusive discounts.

4. Run a competition

Social media is the perfect platform to run a competition tied to your client’s advertising campaign.

They could ask customers to share where they saw their advert, ask them to describe why they love their brand or encourage them to post pictures of their product, in return for a prize.

Sharing in this way also allows all of their followers to see their post and your brand, spreading the word even further.

If your client is using Twitter, suggest that they add an easy hashtag to any campaign posts, to build engagement and momentum.

5. Have a conversation

Social media can be really sociable! Your client can have genuine, real time conversations with their customers.

They can also ask for feedback on their advert, probe what people thought of their offers or even ask about the theme of the next ad.

It also helps your client to build a base of customer contacts that they can target via social media next time around.

It all adds up to maximum return on investment.

And finally….

Make sure your client is mindful of the fact that marketing via social media is covered by the same regulations as any other channel. If they couldn’t make the claim or say it on their traditional ad, they need to avoid it on social media too.

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