WWTI ABC 50 – 25% of new revenue comes from programmes run by NRS Media

Of new revenue from NRS Media programmes
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WWTI ABC 50 and The North Country’s CW are TV station’s serving over 92,500 households in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties in Northern New York. It is also the primary ABC partner in Kingston Ontario, Canada reaching another 100,000 households.

“When we tell our customers we’re bringing in NRS Media, they sit up and listen.”


The challenge

WWTI ABC 50 had traditionally produced and aired early morning, evening and late night local news programs. But as with many local television stations, the cost to continue that production verses the revenue it was generating was not in line with the profits they needed to achieve. When WWTI ABC 50 made the decision to end news production, they found themselves with the challenge of not only having to recoup advertising dollars, but also needed to rebuild advertiser confidence.

Enter NRS Media

NRS Media were delighted to partner with WWTI ABC 50 and The North Country’s CW, to help them tackle their tricky challenge head on. The NRS Media approach recognises that every organisation has unique challenges. The strategy they developed with WWTI ABC 50 and the North Country’s CW involved a package based around NRS Media’s successful Impact Plus program. It also included building the capabilities of sales staff through motivational coaching and specialised training in prospecting, qualifying and closing the sale. NRS Media also played an integral role helping WWTI ABC 50 and The North Country’s CW to develop their base of 12 month contracts. Not only did this secure annual revenue, it also made it easier for the sales team to up-sell Its NRS customer base because the production of the commercial – the most intensive part – was complete. The sales staff could then easily pitch these new customers “additional” special packages that utilised their current commercials. Additionally it helped develop an advertiser target list from those business’s, that for one reason or another were unable to make the 12 month commitment to the Impact Plus program. They then created other sales packages and used different strategies to fit their specific needs.


As a result, at least 25% of new local spot revenue comes from programmes run by NRS Media. The training delivered by NRS Media has had such a positive impact, that all new sales employees are required to go through the NRS Media training program. This has enabled them to hit the ground running when it comes to closing deals. The techniques that staff has mastered through the training program are used daily to successfully prospect, qualify and close sales. The NRS Media program has also left WWTI ABC 50 and The North Country’s CW with a significant sales tool – a highly qualified database.   This list is used throughout the year to more readily identify the right customers for all sales initiatives. To complement the Impact Plus Program, WWTI ABC 50 and The North Country’s CW now regularly run the NRS ‘MAX’ Program, to provide a quick and easy boost of revenue when they need it most. The MAX Program works by tapping into the database of customers whom, that due to the timing we’re not able to advantage Impact Plus. David Males, Vice President and General Manager of WWTI ABC, is impressed with the results. He said: “We exceeded expectations in year one and by years two and three we saw a substantial growth in revenue.”

And the future?

With almost a quarter of all business coming through NRS Media and a database that’s cleansed and able to highlight easy opportunities for sales, WWTI ABC50 and The North Country’s CW predict that year four will be their most successful year for revenue, to date.