Radio Bay of Plenty (Bay Rock FM and 1XXFM) increase their revenue by 17%

Of new business from NRS Media
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Radio Bay Of Plenty Limited are one of seven remaining independently owned and operated radio companies left in New Zealand, broadcasting across three stations in the Bay Of Plenty region of the country.

“We got businesses we never thought would come on board.” – Tracy-Lee Carmichael, Sales Manager

The challenge

Radio Bay Of Plenty’s core business challenge was to find new advertisers in a smallish and declining economic market that had experienced little or no growth in recent years. The company’s parent station – 1XXFM – is based in the relatively small town of Whakatane, with a population of around 35,000. The station had lots of short-term advertising contracts but was keen to secure more long-term deals to help them meet their challenging sales targets.

Enter NRS Media

Radio Bay Of Plenty’s owner had used NRS Media ten years previously and was – and still is – a huge advocate of their approach. The station began to run NRS Media’s Image Plus programme to find prospects in their local area and the difference was instantly noticeable. In particular, the team found they could easily secure sales from local businesses they’d previously overlooked because they thought they wouldn’t be interested in advertising.

Sales Manager Tracy-Lee Carmichael said: “The experience has been great for our team and has really changed the mindset of our sales staff. In particular, it has taught them not to judge a book by its cover and automatically assume a business is too small or can’t afford to advertise.”

Radio Bay Of Plenty’s creative team has also been given a new lease of life as a result of the programme – they now have to be even more creative and imaginative than ever before to meet the demands that come with the huge variety and breadth of new clients that the programme has brought with it.


With so many more long-term contracts under their belt, Radio Bay Of Plenty’s sales staff say that they no longer have that ‘mid-month panic’ that they aren’t going to meet their sales target. In fact, they start the month on average at 85% to target. As a result, existing and new clients now benefit from a superior customer experience built on relationships and trust.

And the future

Radio Bay Of Plenty are now in their second year of working with NRS Media and are looking forward to seeing what this year will bring, mixing renewals from last year and new business for this year.

As Sales Manager Tracy-Lee Carmichael says: “Working with NRS Media is both fun and hard work, but the results are worth it. We got businesses that we never thought would come onboard.”