Radio ABC generate 116 new customers in 2 years

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Radio ABC is a Danish commercial radio station based in Randers and broadcasts to Eastern Jutland, north of Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark.
It was founded in 1990 and is one of the major local radio stations in Denmark. The Radio ABC Group includes, beside the cluster of radio stations in Randers, two other radio station clusters and a local newspaper.

The challenge

Radio ABC’s management team were looking to maximise their sales efforts and do more in the market. To help them, they were seeking a solution that would offer improved revenue generation combined with sales training.

Enter NRS Media

Radio ABC were very impressed by what they’d already heard about the approach and strategy used by NRS Media and liked the idea of maximising revenue utiliisng unsold inventory.
The company first used the Image Plus programme in 2008 at Radio Mojn (Southern Jutland), and within just two years had generated 116 new customers. As a result of this success, they have been running with it ever since, also taking it to ‘home base’ in Randers.
CEO Ole Søndergaard said: ”Here in Denmark we are not so used to being proactive – and we like the idea of being more direct with our clients. This solution has turned our profits up, as well as being a superb training ground for our staff.”
He continues: “When we did the first program at Radio Mojn, we were +/- zero at bottom line – The Image Plus program moved this, so it no longer was a question of profit, but a question of how high it could be”.

The Future

Ole Søndergaard plans to continue the relationship. He added: “We enjoy partnering with NRS Media mainly because of the high level of expertise, commitment and service that they provide.”