NRS Media are instrumental in The Nationalist’s return to success

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The Nationalist is an Irish newspaper and part of the Landmark Media Group; a family-run business with one national and twelve regional print titles, plus two radio stations and online advertising sites.

I can’t see a future without NRS Media. Their programme has been the main platform for generating new sales and there’s no better training you can put your team through.” – Mike Moore, Group Commercial Manager, The Nationalist

The challenge

In 2007 Ireland was hit by a recession and The Nationalist found itself in a declining market. The paper was under pressure from digital advertising and the press industry became increasingly competitive. As a result, rate cards were going out of the window and costs were spiraling downwards. Across the board, advertisers were offering reduced rates to entice customers without receiving any length of commitment in return.

Mike Moore, Group Commercial Manager for The Nationalist, wanted to change that. He wanted to create a win-win offer that met the needs of businesses in a recession, but also secured longer-term revenue – and a future – for his paper.

Enter NRS Media

The Nationalist approached NRS Media to work with them to deliver a solution. They started off with a pilot and are now in their fourth year of working together.

In their first year, the paper ran the AD Power programme and experienced great sales and fantastic feedback from their customers. During their second and third year they ran the AD Impact programme and were just as impressed with the results, with over half of all new business coming through the scheme.

Mike Moore was naturally delighted. He said: “The NRS Media programme has been the main platform for generating new sales and there’s no better training you can put your team through. This is real on-the-job development, not a sales course you do for a few days, and that’s what makes it work so well.”


In 2013, the business returned to profitability for the first time in six years, which Mike attributes entirely to the training and processes implemented by NRS Media. He added: “The NRS Media team are committed, hard-working, professional and passionate, and you can tell how much they want you to succeed.”

And the future?

Because The Nationalist has experienced such exceptional success, they now budget and plan to work with NRS Media every year. As Mike puts it: “I can’t see a future without them.”