Helping Lapcom to significantly expand its market share

revenue increase
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Lapcom is one of Hungary’s leading media companies. Its portfolio includes Hungary’s second top national tabloid newspaper – Bors, as well as the country’s largest classified newspaper – Bazar.

It also owns a regional newspaper division and have developed a dynamically growing national real estate website.

Lapcom prides itself on its innovative approach and market successes, even during difficult economic times.

“The NRS Media program became the success story of 2013.” – Zoltán Györke , Deputy CEO

The challenge

Hungary was in the midst of an economic crisis, which was having a serious impact on the media industry. Although Lapcom was performing significantly better than most of its competitors during that time, its management team were always looking for new ways of doing business.

Lapcom were keen to grow their share of markets they already dominated, which was particularly challenging when those sectors were in decline. They also wanted significant step-change in the advertising sales of their leading national newspaper brand.

Enter NRS Media

Lapcom could see that their own innovation-centered approach to businesses matched NRS Media’s new-to-Hungary advertising sales model, and NRS Media’s ’we succeeed or fail together’ philosophy really captured the attention of Lapcom’s management team. The partnership was a natural fit, and Lapcom and NRS Media began to work together. Since then, they have embarked on three joint journeys and Lapcom’s management team have never looked back.

Zoltán Györke , Deputy CEO: “Our approach was to maximize the chances of early success, so we started the collaboration in the market where we had the best sales team. We also handled the initiative as a very high profile project, to ensure the right resources, the right focus and the right energy levels. As a result, the program became the success story of 2013.” The first program delivered 35% above target objectives, and in one area advertising revenue was up by more than 20% – a significant increase in a stagnating market which Lapcom already dominated.

As well as the impressive numbers, the program also delivered real benefits for Lapcom’s employees. The teams were amazed by the training and even long-standing staff with 15 years experience were blown away by what they were able to learn from NRS Media. All of Lapcom’s sales people now have an exceptionally strong base of knowledge that they can use in their everyday work.

And the future?

Lapcom and NRS Media have just kicked off their third joint program, which they believe could be their biggest challenge – and hopefully their biggest success, yet.