Fairfax Media overachieves their new revenue target by 250% by using NRS Media

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Fairfax Media Limited is a leading multi-platform media company in Australasia. The group comprises metropolitan, rural, regional and community mastheads and serves its audiences through high-quality, independent journalism and offers dynamic venues for commerce and information.

Fairfax Media publishes metropolitan, agricultural, regional and community newspapers, financial and consumer magazines. The company utilises a network of printing presses at state-of-the-art facilities throughout Australia and New Zealand.

In Australia, mastheads include The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian Financial Review, The Canberra Times, The Sun-Herald, and The Land. In New Zealand mastheads include The Dominion Post, The Press, The Sunday Star-Times, TV Guide, NZ House and Garden, New Zealand Fishing News and Cuisine, as well as publications.

The group also holds radio licenses in several metropolitan locations in Australia, including 2UE in Sydney, 3AW and Magic 1278 Melbourne, 4BC and 4BH Brisbane, and 6PR and 96fm in Perth.

Fairfax Media also has a portfolio of leading websites, tablet and smartphone apps, including the online news sites smh.com.au and theage.com.au in Australia and stuff.co.nz in New Zealand. The group also has leading classified and transaction websites in Australia.

The challenge

Before working with NRS, Fairfax Media were faced with a number of business challenges. As a business they had been focusing and were skilled in selling mainly half and full page advertising space to larger businesses. As a result they found that their mix of advertising versus editorial content suffered as they had no smaller ads to fill their newspaper pages, and overall revenue was being impacted. Secondly, Fairfax’s sales team had been concentrating their efforts on keeping their existing customers happy and engaged that they had very little quality prospects in their pipeline.

Enter NRS Media

Having used NRS Media before in a previous media company and seeing Fairfax’s challenges, an employee recommended to Damien Tomlinson Commercial Manager that they should consider using NRS. Having used database building agencies before Damien openly admits at being sceptical as to whether it would work, but was thrilled at the outcome.

“The difference with using NRS Media is that their approach is all about relationship and trust building. Our reps met their prospects two or three times before they even got into the sales process. The NRS Media approach not only helped sales but also customer retention” Damien Tomlinson, Commercial Manager Fairfax Media

The results

Fairfax Media gave themselves a target for the programme that they were running with NRS Media. In their first year Fairfax overachieved their target by 250%. “We were blown away with the results even after a half a day seminar” Damien Tomlinson, Commercial Manager Fairfax Media

Not only did Fairfax Media overachieve their new business target but they also found that their customer retention increased. Since running the NRS Media programme they’ve only lost three customers, two of which have gone out of business.

The benefits

New customers, increased revenue and retention were not the only outcomes Fairfax found by using NRS Media to help them with their sales approach. Internally, Fairfax have found that morale has increased and they find staff more enthusiastic. “We’ve seen a big significance in the staff that have gone through a NRS programme and those that haven’t” said Damien Tomlinson, Commercial Manager Fairfax Media.


The results showed Fairfax Media that there is still a significant demand in the market for press advertising. The NRS Media programme has helped them to articulate what their point of difference is in the market. Their customers are also clearer on how utilising Fairfax’s three newspaper network proposition benefits them as opposed to just advertising in one of their channels. “We now have the challenge that we have so many smaller adverts that we need to sell more half and full pages, it’s a nice problem to have” said Damien Tomlinson, Commercial Manager Fairfax Media