Algoa FM – 171 new customers generated from NRS Media Image Plus programme

Algoa - new logo 2013
New customers generated by NRS Media
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Algoa FM is a South African Radio station that has successfully worked with NRS Media for the last ten years. The station offers an entertaining and inspirational mix of music, news, gossip, features and more. Its output is aimed at adults who enjoy good music, good living and indulge in quality life experiences.

“NRS Media have helped improve our radio sales skills, as well as reignite our team.” – Dennis Karantges, Sales Manager, Algoa FM

The challenge

Algoa FM were performing relatively well in the advertising sales market but its management team felt they could achieve more. They were looking for some specific support with reaching small and medium-sized businesses, and were introduced to NRS Media. It was the start of a successful and fruitful ten-year partnership that is still going strong today.

Enter NRS Media

Six weeks after their first meeting with NRS Media, Algoa FM ran their first ImagePlus programme. In their first year, they generated 171 new customers. They were astounded by the results. And so were their competitors; as Sales Manager Dennis Karantages puts it: “We took the market by storm, and I doubt some opposition have ever recovered from that” Algoa FM has never looked back, and is now in its tenth year of running the programme.

The ImagePlus programme helps Algoa FM to find prospective businesses in their area and also provides them with focus, structure and training. It’s also a huge motivator for staff, offering a great opportunity for the team to get together and have fun.

Dennis Karantges added: “NRS Media bring an element of newness every year they work with us. Because the NRS Media team works with lots of different media partners in different markets, we always pick up on something new, trendy and relevant. NRS Media have helped improve our radio sales skills, as well as reignite our team.

And the future?

Algoa FM now considers NRS Media as a strategic partner. Through careful programme planning each year to grow the business, the partnership is now at a strategic level and the company expects to be even more successful in the future.