Caledon Enterprise – 60% of contracts sold were to lapsed customers.

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The Caledon Enterprise is one of the most established newspapers in Ontario and a recent addition to the Metroland media family. The community paper is distributed twice a week to 17,000 households.

“We achieved impressive results and now have an even stronger sales team” – Melinda Crake, Regional Sales Manager.

The Challenge

The Canadian press industry was in decline, and Caledon Enterprise found that their advertising customers were spending budgets elsewhere, particularly on websites and digital marketing. As a result, they had a real gap in their revenue forecasts that they needed to fill.

Enter NRS Media

An employee had experienced NRS Media’s innovative approach in action at another company, and suggested bringing them in. Caledon Enterprise decided to run the AD Impact programme, to help them find new prospects in different ways. As part of this, the sales team revisited lapsed contacts from the last five years. As a result of this relationship rebuilding, a significant 60% of contracts sold were to customers that hadn’t advertised in more than four years. Melinda Crake, Regional Sales Manager, was delighted by the results. She said: “Running the NRS Media programme was like a ‘Sales 101’. By the end of the week, we were high-fiving each other, we were so motivated by what we’d managed to do.” She added: “Thanks to the way NRS Media worked with our staff, we’ve now got a really strong sales force. Morale is high once again and our team have really bonded.”

And the future?

Caldeon Enterprise are delighted with what’s been achieved and plan to continue working with NRS Media, to nurture existing customers and grow their client list.