Ocean FM 59 new customers in 7 weeks from 5 sales reps

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Ocean FM engaged NRS Media in 2016 to run an Image Plus campaign. There were three main reasons Ocean FM decided to progress with the program;

– Revenue win
– Staff training
– Increase overall yield

On all three fronts the program exceeded our expectations targets and projections.

On revenue, we had projected ourselves for the program to generate 240,000 euro. We felt this was a realistic target but NRS Media felt that we would do better. As it transpired they were right, we ended up signing 375,000 in business in one week. It was overall an astounding success in pure revenue terms.

On staff training, we have five members of the sales team, some long standing and whom have been selling short term deals at below average rates to people for many years. The training and execution of the program has shown them, and educated clients, to the real way radio should be used, sustained brand building over the course of a 12 month campaign. The running of the program has given the sales team members the confidence to pitch for 12 month contracts as their default position which will over the long term give us a much bigger and sustained win than the revenue from presentation week.

On increasing yield, we have use the program as an opportunity to draw a line in the sand for anyone that was historically on a poor rate. The team have bought into the principle that the opportunity for clients to get great deals can only be extended on the basis of a 12 month contract and that any pitch not part of NRS or a 12 month contract is to be at rate card. Already our yield has increased as a result.

The most notable aspect of the program for us however was that this is ‘new revenue’. We excluded from the program any client who had spent 2,000 euro or more from the database build. Our minimum package was 5,000. So the people that bought packages were exclusively either not spending anything with us or anything significant over the last five years and have all shown a significant increase. The vast majority had spent less than 200 euro in the previous year!!

The ‘bed’ of sales and forward pipeline for the sales team has also given them confidence and momentum heading into the busy run into Christmas and beyond.

Even for clients that didn’t buy, they universally left the presentation very happy that they had been given good advice and insights and have left with a better impression of Ocean FM as a business than they may have had before that. Again we have already seen this transfer into business.

Having done the program before years ago in the print industry and now seeing it as it is in its current format, there is a marked difference. The analysis that NRS Media did of our client base helped us identify the right clients, ensure we were pitching at the right level and give us insights into our own business.

The program structure has also been changed to be a lot shorter, now 7 weeks, and its more intense. While this represented a challenge over this period for the team it meant that the potential impact of doing the program on our month to month sales figure was reduced and as it transpired we achieved the same targets as we had done in previous years, so we didn’t lose out.

The YAP system that we used as part of the program was an essential tool and represents a BIG step forward on the delivery of the NRS Media program from when I last saw it. It made management of the program quite simple and allowed us manage the process and maintain an overview quite easily.

The team we worked with were genuinely passionate about the outcomes we had for the business and pushed us to our maximum capacity to show us what we could achieve. They have helped us exceed any expectation we had and consistently went way above and beyond the brief of the program to ensure we got results.

We are following through with NRS Media over the course of the year and find that this is helping keep us on track and ensure that we are delivering exceptional customer service to the Image Plus members and ensuring we retain them and grow them as clients.

The changes to the NRS Media program which are now in place have made what was an impressive programme essential.

Daniel Browne
Commercial Director