Sunraysia Daily – 68 new customers are on board thanks to NRS Media

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Sunraysia Daily is the largest, paid-for circulating daily newspaper in the Sunraysia region of Australia, with a readership of more than 24,000 on weekdays and over 35,000 each Saturday. Its aim is to provide local people with local news, and it takes pride in being a strong supporter of local charities and activities.

“The NRS Media programme has been significant in generating new business and at least 90 new customers are on board.” Glenn Robinson, General Manager

The challenge

Seven years ago, Sunraysia Daily suffered a blow to its advertising income when a local competitor launched a newspaper that specialised in real estate. Advertisers quickly moved across to the new paper – equating to a sudden 15 % loss for Sunraysia Daily. The newspaper needed to find new business quickly and in an innovative way, to counteract this dip in revenue.

Sunraysia Daily’s management team had heard about NRS Media’s successful work with other newspapers, so contacted them for support.

Enter NRS Media

Sunraysia Daily wasted no time in running the AD Impact programme. That was seven years ago, and since then the paper has gone from strength to strength; generating 30 new clients in its first year of working with NRS Media to a total of 90, today.

The results have seriously impressed the paper’s General Manager, Glenn Robinson, who says: “Not only does the programme generate new business but it also encourages existing customers to spend more. It also helps the paper to find new businesses in different sectors.”

As well as that, the focused and intensive training that comes as part of the programme has helped staff significantly improve their sales and time management skills.

Glenn has also seen benefits for his clients. He added: “For us, the newspaper looks busier on quieter days and clients have more flexibility to choose what day their ads go in the press. It’s a win-win situation.”

And the future?

Sunraysia Daily’s target is to secure at least 100 additional customers by the eighth year of working with NRS Media, which they are already on-track to achieve.